About Dongguan HX Technology CO., LTD

HXTech are specialized in manufacturing

custom precision Machining parts,

Casting Parts, Hardware, Meal/Plastic Mold Design & Build and also Production.

We offer extreme flexibility for your project needs without MOQ limited.

HXTech machining will provide you with the following benefits and advantages:

·More saving nice manufacturing cost.

·State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

·On site manufacturing supervision for quality control.

·Bilingual engineers reporting on your project 7days/24H.

·Reasonable short lead time.

1.Quality Assurance:

  a.problems can be refunded,we are the only supplier in China support 7 days refund money.

  b.In case of bad quality for sure we accept to refund money.

  c.To ensure maximum performance and quality, all of HXTech's machined parts&molds parts are one by one fully inspected.

                                                                   2.Delivery guarantee:

                                                                     (compensation for delays)

Time is gold for your and for us, 

we have professional team work whom can making nice quality within short time,

 if we delay delivery time one week we offer you 3% total amount,

2weeks we offer you 5% of amount,Support Door to Door transportation.

3.After-sales guarantee:

 You have to know that “many Chinese companies offering you very cheap price to attract your attention,

but after placing the orders nobody care about after sales service.

but we are not the same as we have special team work for A.S.S and you will find us any time, 

also we will keep in touch with you for all your orders details. As we would like to have long term business not “one time business.”

                                                           4.Win-win culture:

We know that many suppliers break down the quality to meet the low price requirement, 

but we never do that, because it is not our company culture ,

but we trust if you can tell us your target price, 

we will do our best to meet your price In the last few years we know 

that many Chinese supplier break down quality fo make more profits, but with us it is totally different, 

as we trust the business must be “WIN-WIN situations.”     

5.Well knew reputation:

  If you check the black list for China Export suppliers you will not find 

our company name as we never cheat  our customers.

 You can see our customers feedback at our website, for sure all of it is real.

                                                         6.Legal Liability: 

You know why many customers allover the world like to do business with us,

 because we are the only supplier can offer:

*Confidentiality agreement

*full refund agreement

*delivery time agreement

*international business legal contract.

7.Socially responsible: 

*As star company, all our products has been passed environmental protection.

*All our items are environmentally friendly.

*all our products have a very nice feature, it is energy saving.

*all our products support (environmentally friendly and energy saving)




Aerospace & Defense 



Optical Communication



Medical Equipment     




Customized Parts

DepartmentBossard (Switzerland)

One of strategic source to achieve our

quality and quick turn around parts needs

Quality Engineering.

BD Biosciences

We are very satisfied about the result.

and experience working with


Corporate Purchasing


From simple parts vendor to our list of

superior suppliers to serve a number

subsidiers of our group.

Design Engineer Director

ITW Dynatec

Thanks HXTech Fellows, for your rapid

response in reverse engineering.

prototype and low-volume production

more new projects send to your way!

Fasteners Buyer.


Well donel Thanks for the long-term

efforts in the high strength bolt

experiment, the related product has been

put into mass production smoothly

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