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Forming mold

HXTECH uses strong pressure to flow and deform the metal wool into the desired shape. Its types are extrusion die, embossing die, stamping die, and end press die. Specifically, it includes pressure forming molds, rubber forming molds, vacuum forming molds, vinyl forming molds, thermoforming molds, etc.

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Forming mold

HXTECH uses strong pressure to flow and deform the metal wool into the desired shape. Its types are extrusion die, embossing die, stamping die, and end press die. Specifically, it includes pressure forming molds, rubber forming molds, vacuum forming molds, vinyl forming molds, thermoforming molds, etc.

Our main service is the design and manufacture of metal molds and products.

We have more than ten years of mold experience in professional drawing designers and professional machining. We welcome customers to visit our factory. We sincerely hope to establish a friendship for trade relations in the near future!

The initial trial success rate is above 95%

We provide barrel molds, trolley molds, supermarket purchase auto molds, LPG tank molds, lampshade molds, muffler molds, microwave oven molds, snow blower molds, lawn mower molds, bar chair molds, chair molds, wire box molds, parts Plate molds, water tank molds, washing machine molds, mixing bucket molds, rice box molds, etc. Fast food box mould, gas stove mould, meat grinder mould, grinding wheel cover mould, oven mould, rice cooker mould, floor lamp base mould, mahjong mould base mould, air conditioner cover mould, purifier mould, granary cover mould, gift pot mould , Shovel mould, single sink mould, rolling shutter door mould, pig trough mould, non-stick mould, pearl pot mould, soup pot mould, frying pan mould, stainless steel pot mould, engine hood mould, tempering pot mould, air fryer mould, fruit plate mould , Turnover box mould, trash can mould, cylinder mould, bread bucket mould, baking oven mould, steamer mould, steamer mould, fire roll mould, hot pot mould, basin mould, aluminum pot mould, antenna dish mould, pressure cooker mould, pump Pu mould, beer can mould, frying pan mould, fan mould, filter mould, cake mould, kettle mould, teapot mould, caster mould, heater mould, dryer mould, coffee pot mould, chocolate mould fountain mould, solar pot mould , Octagonal basin mold, dehydration basket mold, toilet mold, sterilization box mold, candle holder mold, hot pot mold, square plate mold, stainless steel tray mold, aluminum pot mold, large aluminum pot mold, aluminum bucket aluminum pot mold, basin mold, stainless steel Pot mold, spade mold, shaft cover mold, dust cover mold, cylinder head mold, engineering vehicle mold, construction vehicle mold, chair mold, iron chair mold, bar chair mold, fuel tank mold, cushion mold, export mold, blower shell mold , Box mold, barrel mold, cutter shell mold, harvester shell mold, snow blower shell mold, stainless steel pot mold, rice cooker pot mold, rice cooker shell mold, ice cream pot mold, part basin mold, part Box mold, plate mold, stainless steel plate mold, lunch box mold, fast food plate mold, motorcycle fender mold, fender mold, aluminum box mold, aluminum shell mold, motor housing mold, motor cover mold, Stainless steel product mould, frying pan mould, cookware mould, soup pot mould, civil defense equipment mould, fire fighting equipment mould, fire extinguisher mould, machine head mould, stainless steel machine head mould, water tank mould, stainless steel water tower mould, gas cooker mould, motor shell mould , Range hood mold, range hood mold, grill mold, oven mold, oven mold, barrel mold, pressure vessel mold, storage tank mold, pet basin mold, dog bowl mold, knife holder mold, knife set mold, horn mold, Lunch box mold, stainless steel bowl mold, funnel mold, sink mold, stainless steel sink mold, wash basin mold, cookware mold, metal stamping mold, forming stamping mold, metal barbecue mold, hot pot mold, aluminum pot mold, custom aluminum pot mold, aluminum soup pot Mold.

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After sales service

WE support 24Hours/7D afer sales service online.

High levels of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction are our TOP priorities.

We promise we can make you happy if you give us a fair chance.

If you are happy with the product, we would really appreciate if you left a positive feedback.

If you have any issues or are unhappy with the item for any reason.

Please do not hesitate to contact us first before leaving any negative feedback. 

We will do our most to resolve this situation. 


Q1、Are you a manufacturer? Do you have a factory?

A1:We are a professional manufacturer for more than 15 years and we have factories. You can follow our google map address.

Q2、Can I get samples for free? Is it possible to ship for free?

A2:In view of account the uniqueness and confidentiality of customized non-standard Mould, after confirming all the detailed information, it is necessary to charge you for samples and you need to bear the corresponding shipping costs. If you subsequently purchase a large number of products, we will follow your order as much as possible with some discounts and exemption of sample fees.

Q3、Do you able to make OEM?

A3:Yes, it is. We have laser machines that can mark your logo and size. We can also design stickers with your logo.

Q4、How about your delivery time?

A4:Depending on the size and quantity and complexity of the process, the delivery time is usually within 5-15 days. When we know the detailed product acceptance criteria and technical requirements details, we can tell you the exact delivery time.

The following technical requirements shall be provided before purchasing project details:

Part information (2D/3D drawings, material, critical dimension tolerance, weight, purpose, etc.)

Special materials (purchase channels, designated suppliers)

Designated process (subdivision process is best)

What equipment is needed?

Monthly/annual usage/estimated usage

Project intent/purpose

Project development cycle

Requirements for suppliers (certification, scale)

Whether it is an urgent item (lead time xxxx days)

Focus on the points of concern (price/quality)

Difficulties of the product

Complicated problems with existing products

Are there requirements for the product life cycle?

Quality inspection requirements (testing equipment)

Testing requirements

Target price

payment terms

Shipment date

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