The causes and control methods of wrinkling in stamping molding!


1、Factors affecting the wrinkling of stamping parts and solutions
(1) stretching depth influence

The distribution of material flow resistance along the concave die opening is directly related to the stretching depth. In the position of concave and convex curves, too much stretching depth can cause uneven distribution of deformation resistance and form wrinkles, which should be avoided as much as possible.

(2) Adjust the size of crimping force

When the wrinkles are uniformly produced around the parts, it should be judged that the crimping force is insufficient, and gradually increase the crimping force to eliminate the wrinkles. When stretching conical parts and hemispherical parts, most of the material is in suspension at the beginning of stretching. It is easy to produce sidewall wrinkles, so in addition to increasing the crimping force, it should also be used to increase the radial tensile stress in the plate to eliminate wrinkles.

(3) The radius of the concave mold corner influence

The radius of the concave die corner is too large, the flow of the blank to the concave die through the concave die corner is to produce bending deformation of the smaller the bending resistance. The smaller the bending resistance, the more likely to cause wrinkling. The smaller the radius of the concave die, the greater the bending resistance of the bending deformation, the less likely to wrinkle, but easy to cause the cracking and hair-pulling phenomenon of the parts.

Through a large number of production practice, it is proved that the main reason for wrinkling of stamping parts is the accumulation of material and the excessive speed of local material movement during the stretching process. When formulating the actual solution, the corresponding mechanism of the die should be adjusted from the above aspects, and good results will be achieved.

2、Measures and methods to prevent wrinkling of stamping parts

       The way to prevent wrinkling is to ensure that the die can hold down the material during the stretching process of the stamped parts, and to ensure a reasonable flow speed of the sheet material. If the sheet material flows too fast during stretching, it can cause wrinkling; on the other hand, if the sheet material flows too slow, it can cause cracking of the stamped parts.

(1) Adopt a reasonable pressing device

When the press device is used, the press device presses the deformed part of the blank tightly and applies the press force to it to prevent the flange from arching and causing wrinkling. The size of the pressing force should be appropriate. Pressing device is divided into two categories: elastic pressing material and rigid pressing material. The elastic device is suitable for shallow drawing, and the rigid device is suitable for deep drawing.

(2) Reasonable use of stretching tendons

In the press material surface to set up stretching tendons is to regulate the control of deformation resistance of an effective and used method. Tension tendons can well regulate the flow of material, so that the material flow resistance in each part of the stretching process is uniform, so that the amount of material flowing into the cavity is suitable for the needs of the parts, to prevent more wrinkles, less cracking phenomenon. For the complex shape of the curved stretching parts, especially the small flange stretching parts, should be set up to improve the radial tensile stress to control the wrinkling; the location of the stretching tendons in the radial tensile stress on the smaller part, that is, the part of the plate material easy to flow. For the parts with small flange, in order to set the stretching tendon, some material can be added appropriately (process supplementary material), and this part will be removed when trimming. For the stretching parts with big difference in stretching depth, the stretching tendon should be set in the part with less feeding, so that the excessive material in this part can be pulled into the concave mold cavity to prevent wrinkling.

3、 Analysis of the causes of wrinkling of drawn parts

There are many reasons for wrinkling in the stretching process, the main reasons are as follows.

(1) The stretching depth of stamping parts is too deep, which causes the sheet material to flow too fast in the process of material walking and forms wrinkles.

(2) The R angle of the concave die is too large in the stretching process of the stamping parts, which causes the convex die to be unable to hold the material in the stretching process, resulting in the formation of wrinkles due to the fast flow of the plate material.

(3) The press bar of the stamping is unreasonable, and the press bar is too small and incorrectly positioned, which cannot effectively stop the sheet material from flowing too fast and forming wrinkles.

(4) The pressure of the top bar is too small, so that the pressed parts are not completely formed and wrinkles are formed.

(5) The positioning design of the die is not reasonable, which leads to the inability to hold down the material during the stretching process of the pressed parts or the edge of the pressed material is too small, resulting in the inability to hold down the material during the stretching process, causing wrinkling.

(6) The gap between the convex and concave die is too large, resulting in failure to hold the material in the stretching process, causing wrinkling.

The above are the common causes of wrinkling in the stretching process of stamping parts, and specific analysis is needed in specific problems. Find the specific reason according to the specific situation of the stamping parts.

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