Continuous stamping die structure and characteristics.


Introduction of continuous die

A continuous die is a cold stamping die that uses a strip of stamping raw materials to complete multiple stamping processes at the same time with different stations on a single die, and the material strip moves at a fixed distance once for each completed stamping process until the product is finished.

Characteristics of continuous die

A continuous die is a die in which the material belt always moves in one direction during the stamping process; a die in which the material belt is cut off and moves in two or more directions is called a progressive die; a die in which the feeding of the material belt is done inside the die is called an automatic feeding continuous die; a die in which stamping dies of different processes are used in a stamping production chain to complete the stamping process of workpieces by using robots or other automatic facilities to move the die or parts is called a multi-station die.

In real life, in order to get the same workpiece, and also need to mass production. In this case, a die is used, and in order to achieve fast and stable continuous production, there is a continuous die, or progressive die.

The main focus of a continuous die is the strip, because the strip is the core of the whole continuous die. One of the main design of the strip is to master the design idea and know how many parts the strip consists of, such as: strip point, knife position, bending process, etc.

The strip is the actual display of the process of the product from sheet to product. That's why the strip is very important. Here, let's take a look at some common forms of continuous die strip.

Stamped product is separated from the strip and dropped directly: The finished product is dropped directly at the end of the stamping die, and the stamped product is separated from the strip.

Stamped product is still attached to the belt: The stamped product leaves the die together with the belt, and the stamped product and the belt are connected together.

Stamped products are attached to the strip, but can be peeled off by hand: Stamped products are attached to the strip and leave the die together, and the stamped products are attached to the strip.

After looking at the form of strip, let's look at the principle of strip in continuous die: different characteristics of stamping products, the way of strip tying, the direction of stamping, etc. The location of strip tying depends on the product characteristics, and the location of strip tying is usually set on the plane.

1. The lacing position is usually set on a flat surface, not on the bending surface as much as possible.

2. The lacing position can be set at single point or multi-point lacing.

3. The tying position is not set in the functional area as far as possible.

4. The finished tying method should be tapered as much as possible to strengthen the tying strength.

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