What are the common equipment used for precision machining


 Precision machining is a process of changing the size or performance of a workpiece with machining machines. According to the temperature state of the workpiece to be machined, it is divided into cold machining and hot machining. Generally at room temperature, and does not cause chemical or physical changes in the workpiece, called cold machining. Processing at a temperature higher or lower than room temperature will cause chemical or physical changes in the workpiece, called hot processing. Cold processing can be divided into cutting and pressure processing according to the difference of processing methods. Thermal processing commonly includes heat treatment, calcination, casting and welding.
In the process of precision machining, there are many devices that can be used, and some of the common mechanical devices are listed below.
    Such as wire cutting, discharge machining machine, deep hole discharge machining machine, CNC optical projection grinding, tool grinding machine, universal grinding machine, NC coreless grinding machine, surface grinding machine, ID and OD grinding, precision surface grinding machine, precision forming grinding machine, large water mill, NC milling machine, grinding machine, machining center, PVD titanium plating machine, laser welding machine, carbonized water element cleaning machine, cartridge grinding machine, vacuum heat treatment furnace, etc.