Technical development of precision parts processing


Precision parts
are used in communications, automotive, clocks and watches, medical, computer, aerospace and other industry components, and ordinary parts are different, precision parts are more accurate, more suitable for some write high precision industry, today follow DONGGUAN HX TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD to see, precision parts processing technology development.

Before the industrial revolution, most of the machinery is handmade wooden structure, metal is only applicable to the manufacture of instruments, clocks, pumps, locks and wooden structure machinery above the small parts, metal processing is mainly by the fine operation of mechanical processing personnel to achieve the required precision, with the widespread use of steam engines and the subsequent emergence of metallurgy, mining, propagation and locomotives and other large machinery development, the need for molding processing and cutting metal parts more and more, the metal materials used from copper and iron development to steel-based.

                   Precision machining equipment

The rapid development of mechanical processing, to ensure the supply of various mechanical equipment needed for production, and with the increase in production volume and the development of precision machining technology, to promote the formation of a large number of production methods. HXTech has  15 years of experience in precision machining, has been equipped with precision machining machine tools including cnc vertical machining center, walking center type CNC lathe, walking tool type CNC lathe and turning and milling machining center and other precision equipment, can complete the communications, automotive, watches, computers, aerospace and other precision parts of the custom and batch production, especially in the communications and medical parts If you have precision parts processing needs, welcome to call DONGGUAN HX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, we will provide you with perfect product solutions and quality service.