China's machining industry characteristics analysis!


In the past few years, China's machining industry has developed rapidly, and various types of precision mechanical parts processing plants based on their own advantages, leap from manufacturing to intellectual manufacturing, increasingly presenting the processing weather of the world's manufacturing powers. Reviewing the characteristics of China's CNC parts machining industry in 2018, we can start analyzing the following four features.

CNC level: in 2018, the CNC rate of China's machining was 29.7%, much lower than that of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan (more than 75% in Germany, more than 80% in the United States and more than 90% in Japan). Among them, the CNC level of metal cutting machine tools for precision mechanical parts processing plants is 39.0%, higher than that of metal forming machine tools (only 9.9%).
Breakdown of products: in CNC machine tools for machining, CNC machine tools and machining centers are more widely used, and their output accounted for nearly 50.0% of the total output of CNC machine tools in 2018. In the field of CNC lathes, small and medium-sized horizontal lathes dominate, but more than 85% of the high-end small lathes in China's precision mechanical parts processing plants need to be imported.
Technology level: China's machining industry has long needed to import high-end CNC machine tools, the level of localization is less than 20%; the level of localization of low-end CNC machine tools is up to 85% or more, but the core components are still dependent on foreign technology. Large precision mechanical parts processing plant of domestic ordinary CNC machine tools using more than 80% of the CNC system is imported, at least 85% of the servo system / motor from foreign famous CNC parts processing enterprises.
Competitive landscape: In China's machining industry, leading CNC machine tool manufacturers include Dalian Machine Tool, Shenyang Machine Tool, Qinchuan Machine Tool, Jieer Machine Tool, Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery and other precision mechanical parts processing plants, but in the past few years, these giants have faced different challenges, with black swan events occurring from time to time (Shenyang Machine Tool keeps losing money, and Dalian Machine Tool is required to restructure and reorganize due to bond defaults), leading to an industry concentration continues to decline. in 2018, the industry share of these domestic CNC parts machining giants was below 30%.
With some foreign machining companies setting up CNC machine tool production bases or R&D centers in China, the production capacity and level of China's local precision mechanical parts processing plants will be improved in the future, which will further enhance the overall competitiveness of China's machining industry.