Precision machining between the United States and Chinese


In the era of global integration and prevalent global processing trade, it is an inevitable trend to transfer the excess capacity of precision machinery processing plants to overseas. In this process, China, which is implementing reform and opening up, has taken over the low value-added precision machining production capacity from the United States and even the world, and parts processing plants are springing up in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong.
When precision machining technology is gradually mastered by us, it will continue to form new manufacturing and innovation capabilities, such as in the field of mechanical parts processing. In turn, with the advantage of the demographic dividend, technological advances and a large consumer market, the rise of China's precision machining industry has become an unstoppable trend.
Today, the U.S. precision machinery processing industry and even mechanical parts processing technology industry, has been highly capitalized, financial, parts processing plants are to help capital work, subordinate to the interests of capital. China's precision machinery processing industry, on the other hand, is growing rapidly. At this time, has been highly financialized, and even financial bubble of the U.S. precision machinery processing industry, began to realize that the crisis of their own industry hollow has been very serious.
Although many people will blame this on China, the root cause of the hollowing out of the U.S. industry, nor the rise of China's precision machinery processing industry, or like President Biden announced that China has taken advantage of the United States through global trade and other reasons. From the root, if the United States can not change the excessive financialization of industry, the return of the U.S. precision machining industry is not possible, the U.S. President Trump's "return of industry" slogan, is also just a slogan.