How to develop production links in precision CNC machining factory?


Different processing enterprises in the development of production links, the process is different, the following Dongguan HX Technology CO.,LTD from the field experience to give you a summary of some precision CNC machining factory how to develop production links for your reference!


Precision CNC machining factory how to develop production links


In a broad sense, the composition of the entire process includes

Product analysis--

Graphic design -

Process planning -

Path generation -

Path Simulation -

Path Output -

Machining -

Inspection -

Shipping and after-sales service.


1Product analysis through product analysis should obtain certain composition information and some specific processing requirements.


2, graphic design graphic design should first be based on a detailed analysis of the product, through the analysis of processing requirements to determine the type of graphics, and drawing through the graphics software.


3Path generation path generation process is actually we put the process planning through the software to achieve, at the same time through the setting of parameters for the tool path for certain optimization.


4Process planning through the preliminary analysis of the appearance of the workpiece product and processing requirements, from the overall situation of processing to reasonably establish each processing step.


5, path simulation path in the generation of the final performance of the machine we will generally not have an intuitive sense of its effect on top. Here we can check the possible problems through the path simulation, thus reducing the actual machining scrap rate. The general check focuses on the effect of the appearance of the workpiece, whether it is overcut or undercut, and then there is the path of the process planning is reasonable.


6, the path output path output is the software design programming in the machine tool above the necessary steps to achieve, through the path output can be established by the intermediate reference for the two links. If you have a professional background in CNC, you can also understand it as the tool path post-processing.


 Precision CNC machining factory to develop a reasonable production link in order to ensure the production quality of the product. Improve the efficiency of processing.