How to choose a precision parts processing manufacturer?


With the continuous development of the times, the market is now engaged in the processing of precision mechanical parts manufacturers are more and more. In the face of so many processing plants, how to choose a precision parts processing factory? Let's take a look at the following introduction.

How to choose a precision parts processing factory


1. Engineering prototype capabilities


To have strong comprehensive skills, fast response time engineering sample team, specializing in customer pre-prototype and process analysis and refinement work, and at this stage to record, accumulate and optimize the processing process, to provide experience and data support for the mass production phase.


2.Mass production capacity


There should be a number of high-end imported processing equipment, such as CNC lathes, automatic lowering machines, small punching machines, ordinary lathes, ordinary milling machines, etc., and an experienced R&D design process optimization team.


3. Quality control capability


The company has a testing center with all high-end testing equipment, such as CMM, quadratic element, 2D height meter, push-pull tester, hardness tester, roughness tester, salt spray tester, etc. The strict quality control process can meet the requirements of stability and reliability in medical, automotive, communication and optoelectronic industries.


4.Technical service capability


To have an excellent team of engineers, can be in the customer's new product development in the early stages, sample prototype stage and batch production stage on demand, to provide on-site technical support for customer R & D personnel and feedback manufacturing first-hand information. At the same time, we always pay attention to the problems and new requirements of our customers during the cooperation, and use them as an opportunity to improve the products and services provided.


HXTech for precision parts, 15 years of focus, quality assurance, complete equipment


Dongguan HX Technology CO.,LTD is a professional enterprise engaged in precision machining. The company introduces overseas advanced design concepts and manufacturing technologies, integrates new technologies, and integrates upstream and downstream resources of production and supply in many industrial fields, forming a whole industrial chain service from design to manufacturing.


Several advantages of HXTech


1Leading-edge technology: The introduction of senior design team gives you leading product solutions.


2Advanced and high-end equipment: Adopting high-end precision equipment from Japan and Switzerland, with high manufacturing precision and excellent quality.


3, skilled technical process: professional and has formed a set of quite skilled and perfect design and development process.


4Saving cost for you: Integrating development, design and manufacturing, maximizing the value of products to help enterprises.