CNC machining features and common processing errors of the reason analysis



CNC machining has been increasingly used in the modern production industry, and play a general lathe incomparable advantages, CNC CNC lathe processing mainly has the following characteristics: 


1. high degree of automation, can reduce the operator's brawn labor intensity. CNC lathe machining process is automatically completed according to the input program, the operator only needs to start the tool, loading and unloading workpiece, changing tools, in the process of processing, mainly to investigate and supervise the operation of the lathe. However, because of the high skill content of the CNC lathe, the operator's mental labor progresses accordingly.


2. CNC lathe machining parts of high precision, quality and stability. CNC lathe positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy are very high, it is easier to ensure the commonality of a number of parts scale, as long as the process planning and procedures are correct and reasonable, coupled with careful operation, it can ensure that the parts to obtain high processing accuracy, but also facilitate the implementation of quality control of CNC lathe processing process.


3.  CNC lathe processing high output power.  CNC lathe processing is able to re-clamping in the processing of multiple processing appearance, generally only detect the first, so it can save a lot of intermediate processes in general lathe processing, such as scribing, scale detection, etc., reducing the auxiliary time, and because CNC lathe processing parts quality stability, for the subsequent process to bring convenience, its comprehensive power significantly Progress.


CNC lathe processing is convenient for new product development and reshaping. CNC lathe processing generally does not require a lot of messy process equipment, through the preparation of processing procedures can be chaotic shape and high precision requirements of the parts processed, when the product reshaping, change the planning, just change the program, without the need to re-plan the tooling. Therefore, CNC lathe processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, and provide a shortcut for the development of new products, product improvement and reshaping.


5. CNC lathe processing can be developed to a more advanced production system. CNC lathe processing and its processing skills are the foundation of computer-assisted production.


6. CNC lathe processing initial investment is larger. This is because of the high cost of CNC lathe processing equipment, the first processing preparation cycle is long, the repair cost of advanced factors.


7. CNC lathe processing repair requirements are high. CNC lathe is a typical CNC CNC lathe processing product of skill-intensive mechatronics, requiring repair personnel to understand both mechanical and microelectronics repair knowledge, and also equipped with better repair equipment.


CNC machining is active in various fields, whether you are aerospace, medical, automotive, intelligent devices or everyday goods and other industries need the participation of CNC machining, but the use of CNC machining are heavy equipment, the slightest carelessness may cause serious consequences, so what are the reasons for mechanical processing errors?

1, human causes


(1) inattention: When the operator's attention is not focused, it may cause unnecessary errors, and in serious cases will damage the machine tool or even endanger life and safety.


(2) misunderstanding: the operator does not understand the processing chart file thoroughly, which can easily cause processing errors.


(3) novice errors: novice operators due to lack of experience, easy to cause mechanical processing errors.


(4) accidental errors: certain non-normal circumstances caused by mechanical processing errors, such as processing equipment parts failure, tooling fixtures off during processing, etc.


(5) intentional errors: operators due to some personal reasons caused by human error, which caused the impact is very bad.


2、Programming error


1)The coordinates set the bottom as 0, but the actual processing with the top as 0.


(2) The safety height is too low, resulting in the tool cannot lift out the workpiece completely.


3、Program sheet remarks error


1)The number of single-sided touch is written as four-sided division.


(2) The vise clamping distance or workpiece protrusion distance is wrongly marked.


4、Mistake in tool measurement


(1) The tool setting data input does not consider the tool setting bar.


(2) Tool loading is too short.


5、Program transmission error


1)The program number call is wrong or the program has been modified, but the old program is still used for processing.


2)The on-site processor must check the detailed data of the program before processing.


1. CNC lathe processing drive chain is short, compared with the general lathe spindle drive is no longer a motor belt gear vice mechanism variable speed, but the choice of lateral and longitudinal feed is completed by two servo motor drive movement respectively, no longer using traditional parts such as hanging wheel and clutch, the drive chain is greatly shortened.


2. High rigidity, in order to match the high precision of CNC system, the rigidity of CNC lathe processing is high in order to get used to the high precision processing requirements.


3. Light dragging, the tool holder (working table) moves with ball screw vice, with small conflict and light movement. The bearing at both ends of the screw is a special bearing with a larger pressure angle than the general bearing, and it is matched well at the factory; the smooth part of CNC lathe machining is automatically smooth with oil mist, and all these measures make CNC lathe machining move lightly.