Welding, the core link of intelligent mechanical parts processing.


Precision lathe processing experts pointed out that the upcoming general trend of precision mechanical parts processing intelligent upgrade will certainly accelerate the demand for intelligent mechanical parts processing welding equipment, forming a larger market development space, there is a technical basis for the precision machinery processing plant should be laid out in advance. In the field of precision machinery processing, non-standard processing, aluminum products processing, aluminum parts processing, stainless steel processing to sheet metal processing and other precision machinery processing plant should be given the corresponding opportunities.

In the automotive mechanical parts processing production process, welding is the most critical link, but also the most core CNC parts processing technology. Many precision parts processing enterprises in the four major automotive process investors, welding accounted for 40-60% of the total investment. With the expansion of precision mechanical parts processing of new energy vehicles, the continuous renewal of models, welding system integration network, automation and the introduction of China's "Made in China 2025", vigorously promote the majority of precision mechanical parts processing plant automation, networking, intelligent transformation and upgrading, prompted the intelligent welding industry in the field of mechanical parts processing in China has ushered in rapid development.

Mechanical parts processing intelligent welding industry chain downstream is divided into: automotive manufacturing, household appliances, electrical equipment, etc.. These hardware parts processing field on the stability of welding equipment, durability, flexibility are very high requirements, in the choice of cooperation precision mechanical processing plant, often by the ability to provide a full set of intelligent welding solutions to decide.