What are the requirements for non-standard precision parts processing?


Machinery manufacturing industry is not like the rapid development of the electronics industry, the reason is simple, the basic principles can be used very little, the development trend is driven by the electrical equipment industry, machinery and equipment and electrical equipment production, pneumatics, hydraulic presses, reasonable integration and development trends. Non-standard precision parts processing, the development of new materials for mechanical equipment to produce lightweight and durable benefits .

Non-standard precision parts machining of mechanical design basis is the same as the music symbols, can have more than one, machinery and equipment, products, too, the key depends on how you match, see more read some of their own design solutions, to understand the design concept, applied to their own design solutions, I think called emulation, but called the use.

At present, non-standard precision parts processing in these excellent industrial development period, can be said to be very good, in industrial production, made such outstanding contributions, these contributions are indispensable for the key image of the equipment and products, of course, there are also technical contributions, only in this way, can be successful, which is inseparable from the interconnection, non-standard precision parts processing is one of them, so in the selection of non-standard parts have nothing to do with manufacturers, we must do a good job in the selection of these accessories every step, otherwise it will lead to unnecessary problems.

Non-standard precision parts processing not only has strict requirements on the accuracy and reliability of CNC lathes, but also on the accuracy of brake gears and fixtures. Due to the high precision of the parts, measuring instruments should be used for calibration and accurate measurement. Some of them are tested while producing and processing and carried out during the production process, and most of them are tested afterwards.