What processes are included in the order processing of precision parts processing plant?


Order processing is a problem that every processing plant will encounter, today we talk about the precision parts processing plant order processing contains which processes, interested friends, go together to see the following introduction.


Precision parts processing plant order processing contains which process


1. The customer provides a complete drawing or physical, clear the number of the batch of processing.


2. The same day budget quotation, send the official quotation form.


3. The customer confirms the unit price and returns the quotation form.


4. The customer places an order and prepays a deposit for the material.


5. Receive the deposit and purchase materials.


6. Production and processing (if the customer needs the first piece to confirm, the customer determines the sample and then mass production).


7. Production completed, customer inspection, or actual product photos to notify customers.


8. The customer pays the final payment.


9. Packing (ordinary carton).


10. Customer pick up or send express or logistics.

11. After-sales service and customer market use survey feedback.