Classification of connector mold parts processing


Connector processing of many types, in the increasingly diverse development of today, connector mold parts processing breakthroughs in the old production R & D system, continuous innovation to meet the diversification of people's needs. So, what is the classification of connector mold parts processing? The following article will introduce you.
Connector commonly used classification methods are as follows
Connector mold parts processing process is the mold manufacturing process, is the mold parts design into mold parts product process, including the design, parts manufacturing, standard parts procurement, mold assembly and mold acceptance and other work.
1) According to the shape of the points.
Circular electrical connectors, rectangular electrical connectors.
Circular electrical connectors due to the characteristics of their own structure in the military equipment (aviation, aerospace) the largest amount. Rectangular electrical connectors due to its simple structure is more often used in electronic equipment on the printed circuit board.
2) By structure.
According to the connection: threaded connection, bayonet (quick) connection, card lock connection, push-pull connection, direct plug connection, etc..
According to the contact body termination form: crimping, welding, winding; screw (cap) fixed.
By environmental protection: environmental connectors and ordinary electrical connectors
3) According to the use of points.
RF electrical connectors, sealed electrical connectors (glass sealing), high-temperature electrical connectors, automatic separation of electrical connectors, filter electrical connectors, composite electrical connectors, airport power electrical connectors, printed circuit boards with electrical connectors, etc.
Electrical connector structure electrical connectors from the fixed end of the electrical connector (hereinafter referred to as the socket), the free end of the electrical connector (hereinafter referred to as the plug). The socket is fixed to the electrical components through its square (round) disk (individual also use welding method), the plug is generally connected to the cable, through the connection nut to achieve plug, socket connection.
In summary, the article is introduced to this, we only understand the classification of connector mold parts processing, in order to better use it, play its maximum role, progress in improving the efficiency of the work.