What are the methods of machining mechanical spare parts?


For the machining industry, mechanical spare parts processing and manufacturing is a very controversial topic, for different consumers, the needs are not the same, the choice of processing methods are not the same. So, what are the methods of mechanical spare parts processing? The next answer will be provided by Shangben Precision.
What are the methods of machining mechanical spare parts
Mechanical machining methods mainly include: turning, clamping, milling, planing, inserting, grinding, drilling, boring, punching, sawing and other methods.
Can also include wire cutting, casting, forging, electro-etching, powder processing, electroplating, various heat treatment, etc.
Turning: there are vertical and horizontal turning; new equipment has CNC turning, mainly processing rotary body.
Milling: there are vertical and horizontal milling; new equipment has CNC milling, also called machining center; mainly processing groove and shape straight surface, of course, can also be two-axis or three-axis linkage processing arc surface.
Planing: mainly processing profile straight surface, under normal circumstances the surface roughness is not as high as the milling machine.
insert: can be understood as a stand-up planer, ideal for non-complete circular arc processing.
grinding: there are plane grinding, external grinding, internal hole grinding, tool grinding, etc.; the processing of high-precision surface, the surface roughness of the processed workpiece is particularly high
Drilling: the processing of holes.
Boring: the processing of larger diameter, higher precision holes, the processing of larger workpiece shape. There are many other ways to process holes, such as CNC machining, wire cutting, etc.
Boring: Boring of bores, mainly by means of boring tools or inserts.
Punching: mainly by punching and forming, which can punch round or shaped holes.
Sawing: mainly by sawing machine cutting processing, commonly used in the undercutting process.
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