How to do high precision parts processing?


High-precision parts are our indispensable accessories, don't look at its small shape, but the use is very wide. So you know what high precision parts are processed out? In order to let us understand this more deeply, today on this precision company to share with you how to carry out high precision parts processing.
How to carry out high-precision parts processing
1. Determine the type of blank
The type of blank should be determined according to the material, shape and size of the part, and also consider the workpiece batch and production conditions. As shown in the figure, the diameter of the drive shaft is small, and the diameter of each section of the outer circle does not vary greatly, so it can be selected from the round steel material. The gear shaft shown in the figure, the diameter difference is large, in order to save materials and processing time, if the batch is large, but also has forging conditions, should choose to use forging blanks; otherwise, also choose to round steel under the material. Bearing cover, the material is cast iron, the blank should be selected castings. Gear, the material is 40 steel, and the outer circle diameter is not large, small outer circle short, can choose round steel material. Gear, due to its outer circle and hole diameter are larger, a single piece can choose the corresponding thickness of steel plate gas section under the material, the batch can choose forgings, forging into a circular billet, so as to save materials, but also to reduce the processing time, forging the mechanical properties of the blank is also better.
2. Determine the processing order of the parts
Processing order should be determined according to the type of blank, structure, size, processing accuracy, surface roughness and heat treatment and other technical requirements.
3. Determine the processing process
Determine the machine tools used in each process, workpiece clamping methods, processing methods, processing dimensions and inspection methods, including the next process to be left plus allowance. General small and medium-sized parts outside, inside the cylinder and plane are referred to a single side margin, in a single piece of small batch production, the size of the blank to take the fire value, and vice versa, to take the small value.
4. Determine the amount of cutting used and work quota
The cutting amount of single-piece small batch production is generally selected by the producer himself, and the work quota is set by the management.
5. Fill in the process card
Show the above content with brief description and process sketch.
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