The general principles of precision mold parts processing


Precision mold parts processing products from casting to finishing requires corresponding quality control, the process is complex and variable, so in the process of processing to follow some principles, then, what are the general principles of precision mold parts processing? Let's take a look at the following introduction.
Precision mold parts processing general principles
(1) in order to ensure precision parts processing accuracy, coarse and fine mechanical parts processing is best to be carried out separately. Because rough mechanical parts processing, cutting volume, the workpiece is subject to cutting force, clamping force, more heat, as well as mechanical parts processing surface has a more significant machining hardening phenomenon, the workpiece exists inside a large internal stress, if rough, rough mechanical parts processing continuously, the precision of the parts after finishing will be quickly lost because of the redistribution of stress.
(2) reasonable choice of equipment. Coarse mechanical parts processing is mainly cut off most of the machining allowance, and does not require a higher precision mechanical parts processing, so rough machining should be carried out in the power, accuracy is not too high machine tools, finishing processes require a higher precision machine tools processing.
(3) in the precision parts processing process route, often arranged with heat treatment process. Heat treatment process location is arranged as follows: to improve the cutting and machining properties of metals, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, etc., generally arranged in mechanical parts before processing.
Precision mold parts processing if the size of the wrong too much will become scrap, then it is equivalent to have to re-processing, time-consuming and laborious, which caused an increase in costs. Shangben precision company has all kinds of advanced equipment, such as CNC lathes, drilling machines, milling machines and other processing machines, forming a production line with strong production capacity and flexibility. With measuring instruments and testing platform, strict quality control means and system. The quality of precision mold parts processing is guaranteed.