How to maintain precision CNC machining machine tools?


Precision CNC machining machine tools to do a good job of maintenance, in order to make the machine tool processing accuracy to maintain a good state, to extend the use of machine tools, on this precision company to provide you with a few experience sharing, to help you improve the maintenance of precision CNC machining machine tools and maintenance capabilities.
How to maintain precision CNC machining machine tools
Note: After the machine is started, it is prohibited to maintain the machine. The circuit breaker of the circuit should be disconnected during maintenance.
1, cold heading machine processing outside maintenance: A. Machine tool exterior and each cover, keep the inside and outside clean, no rust and corrosion, no yellow robe. B. Make up, tighten the handle, hand ball, screws, nuts and other machine parts. C. Keep the machine neat. Clean machine accessories, clean, tidy, rust prevention.
2, the table to remove: A. repair the table burr. B. check the impact block, the pressure should be firm and no loose, handle shaking weight moderate.
3、Bed head box, tailstock, adjust belt tightness. Clean the tailstock and sleeve.
4、Maintenance of hydraulic and lubrication system of CNC lathe: A. Clean the oil filter, oil hole and oil felt, the oil path should be smooth, the oil cup should be complete and the oil mark should be bright.
5、Transverse feed mechanism: Check that the manual feed should be accurate and reliable, and the amount of empty range of the dial is less than 1/4 turn.
6. Grinding head grinding wheel seat, inner garden grinding tool, cleaning grinding wheel frame and removing sand mud. Adjust the grinding wheel holder and the inner garden grinding head belt loosely.
7、Cooling system maintenance: A. Clean the cooling pump, coolant tank and cooling pipeline to be neat, smooth, firm and without leakage. B. Replace the coolant.
8, electrical parts: A. Clean the motor, electrical box. B. Electrical devices fixed neatly, reliable action. C. Check and fasten the zero device.
According to the above "how to maintain precision CNC machining machine tools" method, you can effectively maintain the CNC lathe processing machine to prevent excessive wear and tear and increase the life of CNC lathe processing machine.