What are the steps of PG optical grinding processing?


PG optical grinding processing is widely used in the production of production parts, is a common processing method in machining, so what are the steps of PG optical grinding processing? Let's take a look at the following introduction:
PG optical grinding processing what are the steps
1, PG optical grinding processing before the processor should look at the drawings and understand the processing process of the parts, a clear understanding of this process processing parts, shape, size, location accuracy and processing content and requirements of the upper and lower processes.
2, PG optical grinding test and this process related to the size of the drawings and process requirements, whether there is sufficient margin for processing.
3、PG optical grinding workpiece should be tested before processing to see if each datum used in this process meets the process and processing requirements.
4, PG optical grinding workpiece clamped to the workbench, optical grinding with the sample diagram control method, coordinate grinding with the chart method, test the location of the sequence with this type of size is consistent with the drawings and process requirements.
5、After the processing of PG optical grinding parts, the processing dimensions and related position dimensions should be checked to see if they conform to the drawings and process requirements.
6, each handover shift, are to self-test the benchmark (zero) is correct and processing allowance. After passing the test, the workpiece can be disassembled and handed over to the inspector for special inspection.
In short, PG optical grinding processing is able to reduce the surface roughness of the parts, while quickly removing the sub-surface damage introduced by the grinding process, to reduce the subsequent polishing time.