Analysis of shaft parts machining technology


According to the processing experience found that as long as the various aspects of shaft parts processing technology is handled properly, it will allow the quality of processed products to be guaranteed, the following we will come to the analysis of shaft parts processing technology.
Analysis of shaft parts machining technology
(1) for shaft parts, mechanical processing order should be based on the "base surface first, first coarse then fine, first main then secondary" principle of arrangement. The spindle parts are generally processed after the center hole, first processing the outer circle, and then processing the inner hole, and pay attention to the rough and finish machining separately.
(2) deep machining hole is generally arranged in the tempering after. Because the tempering treatment deformation is larger, deep hole bending deformation is difficult to correct.
(3) processing the outer surface should be processed first large diameter outer circle, and then processing small diameter outer circle, so as not to reduce the rigidity of the workpiece at the beginning.
(4) Spindle spline, keyway and other secondary surface processing is generally arranged after finishing or rough grinding of the outer circle, before rough grinding of the outer circle.
(5) The machining of the threads on the spindle should be arranged after the spindle is partially quenched, so as not to affect the coaxiality of the thread surface and the supporting journal shaft due to the deformation after quenching.
(6) The processing of the box should follow the principle of "first surface and then hole", that is, first use the rough hole as the rough reference to process the plane, and then use the processed plane as the rough reference to process the hole, so as to ensure that the machining allowance of the hole is uniform, but also to provide a stable and reliable fine reference for the hole processing. Machining should be divided into roughing and finishing stages, and the roughing and finishing processes of each major surface should be separated.
(7) to rationalize the heat treatment process. Box-type parts of more complex structure, casting formed a large internal stress. In order to eliminate internal stress, reduce deformation, to ensure the stability of its accuracy after processing, after the blank casting to arrange an artificial aging. For the general accuracy of the box, generally in the rough casting after an artificial aging can be arranged; and for some high-precision box or the shape of a particularly complex box, should be in the rough machining and then arrange an artificial aging to eliminate the internal stress caused by rough machining, to further improve the stability of the box processing accuracy.
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