High-precision parts processing to drive the development of the industry


With the countries on high precision parts processing research more and more mature and in-depth, has formed gradually from the theoretical technology design manufacturing processing into a multifaceted processing, and after the high precision parts processing products in the quality and performance have been greatly improved. Especially in terms of precision, the following article to discuss with you high precision parts processing to drive the development of the industry.
High-precision parts processing to drive the development of the industry
Precision machining refers to sub-micron level (size error of 0.3 ~ 0.03μm, surface roughness of Ra0.03 ~ 0.005μm) and nano-level (accuracy error of 0.03μm, surface roughness of less than Ra0.005μm) precision machining. The process methods and technical measures taken to achieve these processes are called finishing technologies. Together with issues such as measurement technology, environmental safeguards and materials, people refer to this technology in general as precision engineering.
The development of high-precision parts processing technology, directly affects the development of a country's cutting-edge technology and defense industry, so countries around the world attach great importance to this, invest great efforts in research and development, while the implementation of technical secrecy, control of key processing technology and equipment exports.
The development of China's high-precision parts processing manufacturing industry has entered a high-speed development stage, China's private enterprises have sufficient economic strength to modernize the enterprise, the introduction of advanced equipment and the influx of a large number of professionals to make many coastal areas of the manufacturing industry to rapidly improve. Although the development prospect of high precision parts processing industry is good, but its technical threshold is high, opportunities and market risks coexist.
The development of high precision parts processing has greatly contributed to the development of the national economy, for the advancement of science and technology, the future of high precision parts processing will be more diverse needs in our lives, high precision parts processing industry will also have a new development.