Advantages of die and mold electrical discharge machining


In the modern machining industry, die electrical discharge machining plays an important role, which can greatly improve production efficiency and make a significant contribution to industrial development. So, what are the advantages of die electrical discharge machining? Take a look at the following introduction.
The advantages of die and mold electrical discharge machining
Electrical discharge machining is a thermal processing method of rapid melting, the use of electrical energy into workpiece heat, so repeatedly, we hope that the shape can be processed to complete
(1) Improve the surface hardness, so that the force deformation eliminated, hardness increased HV ≥ 40 °.
(2) improve the surface roughness, roughness can basically reach Ra ≤ 0.08um or so.
(3) correct roundness, ellipticity can be ≤ 0.01mm.
(4) After processing, there is a residual stress layer, improve the fatigue strength by 30%.
(5) improve the quality of the fit, reduce wear, extend the service life of the parts, but the parts of the processing costs instead of reducing.
Discharge processing, the liquid in the electrode and the work of the micro gap in the transition arc discharge phenomenon, and then the thermal effect on the workpiece, at the same time, the processing of the liquid due to the discharge pressure and thermal effect of the vaporization outbreak phenomenon, then the molten part of the workpiece, will be accompanied by liquid vaporization phenomenon melt into the processing fluid, the workpiece due to the role of discharge discharge marks, repeatedly, can be processed to complete the shape.
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