What is connector mirror electrical discharge machining?


In the machining industry, the connector mirror electrical discharge machining technology is often used. So, what is the connector mirror electrical discharge processing? Today, let's listen to what the professionals are saying about it!
Connector mirror electrical discharge processing is what
Mirror electrical discharge machining is driven by high-current pulses between the tool and the workpiece continuously generate pulse spark discharge, resulting in the workpiece processing surface to produce high-temperature melting to achieve the purpose of processing. The advantages are that it can process hard-to-cut metal materials, very hard metal materials such as cemented carbide, various high-speed steel and even gold steel; it can process parts with special size and shape and complex surface, such as complex cavities, and the processing size range is very large, from a few microns to several meters of large mold. EDM can get narrower and more cuts than mechanical cutting, and can cut super-hard alloys that cannot be cut by general tools.
Mirror EDM is the equipment used to process metal, also known as EDM machine tools, which can be divided into two types: forming EDM (EDM forming machine) and wire EDM (EDM wire cutting machine).
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