What are the advantages of bore grinding?


Bore grinding processing can obtain high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy that are difficult to achieve by other methods, in addition to this, where are the advantages of bore grinding processing reflected? The following is a brief description of this issue by Shangben Precision.
What are the advantages of bore grinding?
1, grinding can obtain high dimensional and shape accuracy that is difficult to achieve by other methods. The dimensional accuracy after grinding can reach 0.001-0.005mm; it can improve the geometry of the workpiece.
2、It is easy to obtain very small surface roughness, generally the surface roughness is Ra1.6-0.1?m, the minimum can reach Ra0.012?m.
3、The processing method is simple and does not require complicated equipment, but the processing efficiency is low.
4、After grinding, the parts can improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue strength of the surface, thus extending the service life of the parts.
5, grinding can process non-quenched steel parts, quenched steel parts, cast iron parts and certain non-ferrous metal parts. Widely used in single-piece small batch production of high-precision external, internal and flat processing, such as precision gauges and hydraulic fit parts.
Bore grinding processing should be reasonable selection of grinding materials and, the organization of the material should be meticulous and uniform, to have high stability and wear resistance, the hardness of the working surface of the grinding tool should be slightly softer than the surface hardness of the workpiece, with good performance of embedded abrasives.
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