What are the characteristics of high-precision machining of mechanical parts?


High-precision mechanical parts processing is to adapt to the modern demand for high skills and advanced manufacturing technology, in the industry to play a vital effect, then, high precision mechanical parts processing has what characteristics?
High-precision mechanical parts processing has what characteristics
1, the concept of high precision parts manufacturing, meaning and characteristics of high precision parts manufacturing is to high precision mechanical parts for processing objects. The use of systematic, integrated theory and technology, according to the structure and requirements of the processing workpiece to achieve the organic combination and optimization of material supply, processing, testing, handling, etc., in the precise processing conditions to complete the production of parts.
2, high precision parts of the application areas of high precision parts used in various industries of testing equipment - scientific instruments, in domestic terms is mainly used in scientific instruments in the instrumentation and instrumentation industry.
3. High-precision mechanical parts processing has the advantages of high precision, low energy consumption, flexible production, high efficiency. Reduce the size of the entire manufacturing system as well as precision parts, both to save energy and manufacturing space and resources, in line with the energy-saving, environmentally friendly production model. It is one of the development directions of green manufacturing.
4, precision machinery manufacturing and ordinary machinery manufacturing compared to the product technology content (design and production), sophisticated processing equipment, high value-added, sales more small batch differentiation characteristics.
5, foreign development analysis of high precision machinery manufacturing technology is known as one of the 20 century lO key technologies. Is the key development direction of the 2l century, by the world's countries attach great importance to. Japan, the European Union, South Korea, the United States and other developed countries have invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to develop their own high-precision mechanical components of research and development and technology.
6. China's high-precision machinery manufacturing technology is the late 1980s and early 1990s gradually developed, is a rapidly developing industry in China today. High-precision machinery manufacturing products are widely used in national defense, medical, aerospace, electronics and other military and civilian fields.
With the development of aerospace, industrial defense, industrial microelectronics, bioengineering and modern medical technology. The demand for high precision, ultra-precision mechanical parts is increasingly urgent. The purpose of high-precision mechanical parts processing is to achieve the "small machine tool processing small parts" concept, is different from the ordinary mechanical parts manufacturing methods and technologies. It will become the processing of non-silicon materials (such as metal, ceramics, etc.) the most effective processing method of high precision parts. Can fundamentally solve the problem of precision instrument parts processing method.