What should we pay attention to when machining precision tungsten steel parts?


In the actual production process of precision tungsten steel parts processing, we must ensure that the degree of precision, size, shape, etc. to achieve the relevant standards, precision tungsten steel parts processing to pay attention to what? Has become a key issue that needs to be noted by the relevant enterprises. Here we will take a look at the following introduction:
Precision tungsten steel parts processing to pay attention to what
(A) in cutting, grinding processing precautions
1, tungsten steel in the impact and excessive processing load is easy to crack and chipping angle, carbide must be firmly fixed in the workbench before processing.
2、The magnetism of tungsten steel is extremely low, and non-magnetic carbide has no magnetism at all, please do not use magnet to fix carbide, please use tooling fixture to fix it, please check again whether the workpiece is loose before processing, if so, please fix the workpiece until it is firm.
3、The processing surface of tungsten steel will be smooth after cutting and grinding, and the angle is very sharp, please pay attention to safety when handling and using.
4、Carbide is a hard and brittle material, afraid of impact, it is strictly forbidden to hit the carbide with metal hammer.
(B) Precautions in electrical discharge and wire-cutting processing
1、Tungsten steel has high hardness and high abrasion resistance, so the operation process will be slow when carrying out electrical discharge and wire cutting.
2、The surface of tungsten steel is most likely to be cracked and chipped after electrical discharge processing, so please adjust the processing procedure according to the usage conditions of the products.
4、Tungsten steel is often cracked during wire cutting, so please make sure the machined surface is free of defects before proceeding to the next process.
(C) Precautions when fusion welding processing
1、Please use the requirements to choose the appropriate welding / fusion welding processing solution.
2、Tungsten steel is prone to cracking when fusion welding processing, please make sure there is no damage on the processed surface after processing before proceeding to the next process.
3、When the ferrous material (fusion iron) is attached to the tungsten carbide, the rapid heating and cooling may cause the alloy to crack, so please take special care when doing the fusion work.
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