Handling Requirements for Precision EDM Technology


Precision EDM processing industry is a pillar industry of the national economy and has a very promising future. In precision EDM processing, processing plants have many requirements and regulations on processing technology to ensure the qualification rate of the factory parts. So do you know the processing requirements of precision EDM technology? Let's take a look below!
The processing requirements of precision EDM processing technology
1. The electrode split by the design department should meet the requirements of precision machining, and special attention should be paid to the processing of thin and fine parts.
2. Relevant processing diagrams should be made for the processed content, accurate positioning should be adopted, and accurate processing data should be given.
3. Because many parts processing parts are fine, it is not easy to grasp the shape to be processed before processing, and detailed 3D basis should be provided to the processing personnel.
4. The parts used for processing should be processed by the previous processes such as stress relief, demagnetization and pre-processing.
5. The positioning reference surface of the workpiece should be finely ground and chamfered by grinding machine.
6. The electrode should have the reference angle to identify the direction, and the reference angle corresponds to the reference angle of the workpiece, and the depth positioning reference of all electrodes should be unified.
7. Electrodes should be marked with electrode number and coarse and fine mark, and detailed information of processing should be given on the processing drawing, such as the number of electrodes, electrode size reduction, processing tolerance and surface roughness requirement.
8. The standardized and clear processing flow can make the processing personnel follow the order, reduce the error rate and improve the processing quality.
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