Where can We find a precision CNC machining factory in Dongguan?


More and more consumers tend to look for precision CNC machining factory to meet the high efficiency and quality of precision CNC machining. But, where is the precision CNC machining factory in Dongguan?
Precision CNC machining factory to choose how to
1. Technical service capabilities
To have an excellent team of engineers, can be in the customer's new product development in the early stages, sample prototype stage and batch production stage on demand, to provide on-site technical support for customer R & D personnel and feedback manufacturing first-hand information. At the same time, we always pay attention to customers' problems and new requirements during cooperation, and take them as an opportunity to improve the products and services provided.
2. Engineering prototype capability
To have a strong comprehensive skills and fast response engineering prototype team, specializing in customer pre-prototype and process exploration and improvement work, and in this stage to record, accumulate and optimize the processing process, to provide experience and data support for the mass production stage.
3.Quality control capability
The company has a testing center with all high-end testing equipment, such as CMM, quadratic element, 2D height meter, push-pull tester, hardness tester, roughness tester, salt spray tester, etc. The strict quality control process can meet the requirements of stability and reliability in medical, automotive, communication and optoelectronic industries.
4.Batch production capacity
To have more than 10 high-end imported CNC machining centers, the maximum processing range: 1020 * 540 * 510mm, processing accuracy: 0.003mm, while having a number of other auxiliary equipment, such as CNC lathes, automatic lowering machine, small punching machine, general turning, general milling, etc., and has an experienced clamp finishing team.
Where is the precision CNC processing factory in Dongguan? Recommended Dongguan HXTech precision company, focus on guaranteed
A professional precision CNC machining factory
HXTech specially set up a teaching and research department to further strengthen the training and guidance of professional and technical personnel in the field of precision CNC machining, to expand the breadth and depth of their expertise, while comprehensively standardizing the processing process, and strive to achieve precision CNC machining process management "zero defects", the workshop has a special inspection and inspectors, all dimensions of the parts are allowed to leave the factory only after passing the full inspection.
Second, strong equipment support, to ensure the cutting-edge precision technology
HXTech product accuracy: dimensional tolerance ±0.001mm, coaxiality within 0.002, true roundness 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025, straightness 300mm within 0.002. Because of the high precision, good quality, and short period of time, we have won the praise and trust of customers at home and abroad.
Third, the gathering of professionals to create a professional factory
With advanced processing equipment, strong technical force and stable and high-quality staff, HXTech has become a leading company in the industry in terms of production and processing, technical management and business sales.
Dongguan HX Technology CO., LTD is a professional company specializing in the design, development and production of precision CNC machining, precision parts machining, non-standard parts machining, etc. If you need, you can contact HXTech at any time.