How does high speed CNC machining work?


With the development of technology, high-speed CNC machining technology is becoming more and more advanced, and the rate of manufacturing is becoming faster and faster. So, how does high-speed CNC machining work? Let's take a look at the following introduction.
High-speed CNC machining how to carry out
1, product analysis: product analysis should be obtained through a certain composition of information and some specific processing requirements.
2, graphic design: the design of graphics should first be based on a detailed analysis of the product.
3、Process planning: Through the analysis of the appearance and processing requirements of the workpiece products in the early stage, each processing step can be reasonably established from the overall situation of processing.
4、Path generation: the process of path generation is actually the process planning through the software to achieve, at the same time through the setting of parameters for the tool path for certain optimization.
5, path simulation: after the path is generated we will generally have no intuitive sense of its final performance on the machine. Here we can check the possible problems through the path simulation, thus reducing the actual machining scrap rate.
6, path output: path output is the software design programming in the machine tool above the necessary steps to achieve.
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