How can the efficiency of slow motion machining be improved?


In the past few years, slow-walking processing technology has improved significantly, and many slow-walking processing plants have cut processing time and costs in half. However, even which production technology, there are still ways to improve the efficiency of processing, so how to improve the efficiency of slow-walking processing? Let's take a look at the following introduction.
Slow-walking processing efficiency how to improve
For processing efficiency, people, machines, the environment, the amount of material and methods will affect it.
1. People: first of all, you need a sense of responsibility, technical skills and high quality operators, as well as programming staff and operators of good cooperation, to avoid wasting time on machines and other people.
2. machine: the maintenance of the machine is very important, the frequency of replacement of the conductive block, the bite of the waste wire wheel, the maintenance of the pump, the life of the table, the length of maintenance, etc. will affect the processing.
3. Environment: High temperature and humidity will accelerate the aging of the circuit, and the high temperature of the working fluid will reduce the cooling efficiency of the inter-pole galvanic corrosion.
4. amount of material: for different work needs to do well with the expected, if often processed workpiece corner R at no special high requirements or small hole processing less, you can use the wire diameter thicker copper wire, year-on-year 0.2MM wire per minute processing 80 square millimeters, 0.25MM can reach 100 square millimeters. Then it is the quality of supplies, mainly copper wire and filter.
5. method: method is the need for highly skilled operators to rationalize the processing of each time the way, what material to what parameters to achieve precision, to reduce unnecessary rework. What kind of precision customers need, just cut a knife, but then to repair a knife, the product super standard is also a waste, although the customer left a good impact, but caused the accumulation of man-hours, so that the postponement.
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