The basic steps of carbide parts machining


No matter which kind of processing to do, there should be a set of plans, as well as to clear the basic steps of processing, this way can do better. Among them, carbide parts machining is a common type of processing in the manufacturing industry. So, what are the basic steps of carbide parts machining?
The basic steps of carbide parts machining
A. Determine the development project, understand the needs of customers
1. Product quality requirements
2. Equipment production efficiency requirements
3. Equipment working environment
Second, analyze the product
1.Understand the product production process
2.Understand the product size requirements and incoming materials
3. Communicate with customers about the production process of the product
4. Technical parameters of the place of use of the equipment
Third, the formulation of the program
The engineering staff discuss and analyze the equipment program, the program includes
1. Equipment schematic diagram (overall schematic diagram, local schematic diagram)
2. Brief introduction of each part of the mechanism
3. Action description
Fourth, the program audit
An audit team will be formed by engineering personnel to audit the program, including
1. Equipment feasibility assessment
2. Equipment cost assessment
3. Assessment of equipment production efficiency
4. Assessment of the feasibility of each part of the structure
V. Program rectification to rectify the problems discussed in the program audit.
Sixth, the customer to determine the design plan
The design plan will be handed over to the customer, who will finalize the plan according to the demand.
Seven, design development by the engineering department to arrange engineers to design institutions, to make machine assembly diagrams, parts diagrams (parts labeled according to national standards) to select the implementation of components, electronic control accessories and list of processed parts and standard parts requisition, action instructions.
Eight, institutional audit
Audit team composed of engineering personnel, the design of the drawings for audit, audit content includes.
(1) whether the machine structure with reasonable: functionality (capacity and accuracy), stability, safety, humanization (convenience of operation) and appearance.
(2) Whether the productivity of the designed machine meets the customer's needs.
(3) The cost of the machine.
(4) Each part of the mechanism should be simple and easy to debug and maintain.
(5) The parts should be as simple as possible and easy to process.
(6) whether the selection of the executive components is reasonable.
Nine, parts processing and standard parts procurement
1. Parts processing department parts chart for machine parts processing (parts processing must be in strict accordance with the parts shown on the parts chart, parts accuracy, processing technology to ensure the accuracy of parts and parts processing technology).
2. Purchasing personnel in accordance with the standard parts list, contact suppliers for standard parts procurement
Inspection personnel in accordance with the parts diagram and the list of standard parts, inspection of the dimensional accuracy of the processed parts, processing technology, the type of standard parts, installation dimensions for inspection, after passing the warehouse personnel to storage
X. Machine assembly
1. The assembly department will arrange personnel to assemble and debug the machine, and the assembly personnel will get the processing parts and standard parts from the warehouse according to the processing parts list and standard parts list.
2. Assembly personnel in strict accordance with the assembly diagram, machine assembly, parts, the implementation of the correct assembly of components, the moving parts are smooth, no interference with all the fasteners and joints coupling, to ensure that the fastening in place, reliable coupling.
3. Industrial Control Department to arrange electrical engineers in accordance with the action manual for machine power distribution, machine programming and commissioning
Eleven, machine commissioning
Assembly personnel in accordance with the product engineering drawings provided by the customer for machine debugging, debugging completed proofing, delivery to customers to determine the quality of their products
Twelve, packaging and shipping
1. Check all the fasteners and joints to ensure that the fastening is in place and the connection is reliable
2. Clean the appearance of the equipment, paste the necessary signs and labels
3. Mark the location of the split, straighten out the split pipe line, and reasonably split the equipment
4. Necessary protection (rust, moisture) measures.
5. Prepare machine spare parts, operation manual, wiring diagram and other technical data
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