What are the principles of machining mechanical parts?


Industry, the use of machines for parts processing, to bring great convenience to life and improve production efficiency, especially mechanical parts processing. So, what are the principles of mechanical parts processing?
What are the principles of mechanical parts processing
(1) choose the right equipment. Rough machining of mechanical parts is mainly cut off most of the machining margin, do not need high precision machining of mechanical parts, so rough machining should be greater power and high precision machine tools, to complete the process adhere to the use of a relatively high precision machine. Rough and finish machining on different machines, can give full play to the equipment capacity, can extend its life precision machine tools.
(2) rough and fine machining is best to separate, in order to ensure precision parts machining accuracy. Because when rough mechanical parts machining, cutting volume, the workpiece cutting force, clamping force, heat, mechanical parts machining surface has obvious machining hardening phenomenon, the workpiece in the larger internal stress, if rough, rough mechanical parts machining is completed continuously, the accuracy of the parts will soon lose due to stress redistribution. For some high precision parts of mechanical parts processing. After roughing and finishing, should also be arranged or aging treatment low-temperature annealing process to eliminate internal stresses.
(3) in the precision parts processing process route, often arrange the heat treatment process. Location arrangements are as follows: heat treatment process to improve the cutting performance of the metal, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, general arrangements in the machining of mechanical parts. Internal stress relief, such as aging treatment, conditioning treatment, such as the general layout, after rough machining, but in the finish. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the parts, such as carburizing quenching and tempering, generally arranged in the machining of mechanical parts. If the deformation is large after heat treatment, but also to arrange the final machining process.
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