Technical regulations of large lathe machining


Large lathe processing is in accordance with a reasonable technical process and operating methods to achieve the processing, so we must be clear about its technical regulations, so what is the technical regulations of type lathe processing? Let's take a look at the following introduction.
The technical procedures of type lathe processing
1. Select a reasonable cutting amount
The economical and effective processing method is necessarily a reasonable choice of cutting conditions, cutting speed, feed and depth of cut will directly cause damage to the tool, and if the cutting speed is increased, the temperature of the tool tip will rise, which will produce mechanical, chemical and thermal wear.
2. Reasonable choice of fixture
(1) the worker choose a reasonable fixture to clamp the workpiece.
(2) Part positioning reference should overlap, so as to reduce positioning errors.
3. Determine the processing route
(1) should be able to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements.
(2) Shorten the machining route as much as possible, so as to reduce the tool empty travel time.
4.Reasonable selection of tools
(1)When rough turning, choose the tool with high strength and good durability in order to meet the requirements in rough turning.
(2) When finishing turning, choose tools with high precision and good durability in order to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy.
(3) In order to reduce the tool changing time and facilitate tool setting, machine chucked tools and machine chucked inserts should be used as much as possible.
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