What are the material requirements for tungsten steel punch processing


The most basic one is that the tungsten steel punch processing must pay attention to the material before processing, then, what are the requirements of tungsten steel punch processing on the material? Let's take a look at the following introduction.
What are the material requirements for tungsten steel punching needle processing?
Tungsten steel punched needles are widely used, and they are made of tungsten steel. There are different types of tungsten steel punched needles, so how do we choose the right one? Here HXTech will introduce the selection of basic material for tungsten steel punching pin processing.
White steel tungsten steel punching needle: suitable for the use of relatively small amount, the whole set of procurement, the amount of non-standard hole measurement, characteristics: cheap, cost-effective.
Tungsten steel needle gauge: non-standard bore and normal standard bore measurement in large quantities, characteristics: wear-resistant, reduce the frequency of replacement and procurement workload.
Ceramic needle gauge: suitable for non-magnetic working environment, wear resistance is close to tungsten steel. Easy to keep.
Tungsten steel punch is made of tungsten steel processing, the single tungsten steel performance is very superior, tungsten steel is widely used as tools, needle materials, such as turning tools, milling tools, etc.. Tungsten steel (carbide) is also used to make rock drilling tools, extraction tools, drilling tools, measuring gauges, wear-resistant parts, metal abrasives, cylinder liners, precision bearings, nozzles, etc.
Tungsten steel sintering forming is to press the powder into a blank, and then into the sintering furnace heated to a certain temperature (sintering temperature), and maintain a certain time (holding time), and then cool down, so as to get the required performance of tungsten steel pin gauge is more common, our tungsten steel pin gauge is also need a variety of auxiliary materials and processes to its targeted transformation and grinding to achieve the standard!
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