The process of Shadick mirror discharge machining


The process of Shadick mirror electrical discharge machining is one of the more concerned aspects of most friends who carry out electrical discharge machining. Because the process of electrical discharge machining if the operation is not standardized, it will have a certain impact on the processed parts. So, what is the process of Shadick mirror electrical discharge machining? We next look at the following introduction.
What is the process of Shadick mirror EDM?
Mirror EDM is a special processing method to etch conductive materials by using the electro-etching effect generated by the pulse discharge between the two poles immersed in the working fluid, also known as electrical discharge processing or electro-etching processing, referred to as EDM in English.
When EDM is performed, the tool electrode and the workpiece are connected to the two poles of the pulse power supply and immersed in the working fluid, or the working fluid is filled into the discharge gap. When the gap between the two electrodes reaches a certain distance, the pulse voltage applied to the two electrodes will break through the working fluid and generate a spark discharge.
②In the micro-channel of the discharge, a large amount of heat energy is concentrated instantly, the temperature can be as high as 10,000 degrees Celsius or more, and the pressure also changes sharply, so that the local trace metal material on the work surface of this point melts and vaporizes immediately, and splashes explosively into the working fluid, condenses rapidly, forms solid metal particles, and is carried away by the working fluid. At this time, a tiny crater trace is left on the surface of the workpiece, the discharge stops briefly and the working fluid between the two electrodes returns to the insulated state.
③ Immediately afterwards, the next pulse voltage breaks through at another point in the relative proximity of the two electrodes, generating a spark discharge and repeating the above process. In this way, although the amount of metal etched by each pulse discharge is very small, but because there are thousands of pulse discharges per second, it can etch more metal and has a certain productivity.
④ Under the condition that the discharge gap between the tool electrode and the workpiece is kept constant, the workpiece metal is etched while the tool electrode is continuously fed into the workpiece, and the shape corresponding to the shape of the tool electrode is finally processed. Therefore, by changing the shape of the tool electrode and the relative movement between the tool electrode and the workpiece, a variety of complex shapes can be machined. Mirror EDM is mainly used for machining various high hardness materials (such as carbide and quenched steel) and complex shaped molds and parts, processing deep and thin holes, shaped holes, deep grooves, narrow slits and cutting thin pieces; processing various forming tools, sample plates and threaded ring gauges and other tools and gauges, as well as cutting, slotting and removing tools (such as drills and taps) broken in the workpiece hole.
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