How to realize mold spare parts processing?


The development of the industry and a variety of branch industries are inseparable, an important part of the mold is mold spare parts, it is the basic use of the mold. So, how to achieve mold spare parts processing?
How to achieve mold spare parts processing
(1)Technical preparation: including market survey, forecast, new product identification, process design and standardization review before the product is put into production.
(2) Process: the process of directly changing the size, shape, mutual position of the surface, surface roughness or performance of raw materials semi-finished products to become finished products. For example, liquid forming, plastic into shape, welding, powder forming, cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, etc., all belong to the process. The reasonable process is written into the technical documents used to guide the production, this technical document is called process procedures.
(3) auxiliary production process: in order to ensure the normal conduct of the basic production process necessary for auxiliary production activities.
(4) Production service process: the organization, transportation, storage, supply of raw materials and product packaging, sales and other processes.
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