Methods to improve the quality of optical grinding processing?


In fact, optical grinding processing also has certain skills. If you want to grind processing quality, you may want to take a look at the methods to improve the quality of optical grinding processing shared by Upborne Precision.
Methods to improve the quality of optical grinding processing
1, optical parts diagram, technical conditions, production equipment performance, etc. is the design process protocol must have the original information.
2, processing if a small amount of production, you can choose the block blank, using the elastic processing method; if the batch production, the choice of compression blank, using the steel processing method.
3, determine the processing order must follow the principle of more, faster, less, better. According to the type of blank, the shape of the part and technical requirements, the level of technology and the type of production proposed the main order. Generally for: spherical parts, flat before spherical; concave before convex; large radius of curvature before small radius of curvature of the spherical; cutting is the first to process the curvature of the smaller surface; first to process the concave surface.
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