Ways to improve the quality of precision mold parts processing?


In the precision mold parts processing must be based on the parts processing process, to comply with the processing technology requirements of the parts. So that the quality of the parts produced is good, then we know how to improve the quality of precision mold parts processing? Today HXTech to share with you!
Methods to improve the quality of precision mold parts processing
The main content of the precision machining factory in modern society, generally use the form of CNC machining of parts.
1, first of all, in the CNC mechanical processing of parts, to choose the appropriate CNC machine tools, in the CNC machine operations, and determine what the processing process is.
2, and then develop a suitable parts CNC mechanical machining of the processing program, to be processed by the analysis of the drawings of the parts, the parts processing content of the parts and the use of suitable processing technology.
3, the most important thing in parts machining is to design the process of parts machining, which is related to the quality of the parts, to clear parts machining process steps, the selection of benchmarks, processing tools, fixture selection and installation and processing strategy and process parameters to determine, in order to develop the most appropriate processing technology.
4, in addition to the parts of mechanical machining of the CNC programming program preparation and inspection, control programming errors, improve the quality and efficiency of programming.
HXTech precision company focus on precision mold parts processing, the "heart selection of materials, careful mold making, careful injection molding" quality control requirements into the operational standards of each process, in the entire production process in strict accordance with the standard, according to customer requirements organization production and inspection, and through technological innovation to achieve continuous improvement of products, greatly improving The precision of the moulds and the working period. We have the comprehensive ability to design, open, manufacture and provide technical support for customers according to their requirements for different shapes and characteristics of molds.