How to determine whether the precision CNC machining factory is good or not?


Now, the precision CNC processing factory in each city is very much, others recommended may not be suitable for their own needs for the product, the following I will tell you how to go to determine whether the precision CNC processing factory is good.
How to determine whether the precision CNC machining factory is good or not
1, the processing plant to have a standard operating process
The operation process is the basis for ensuring product quality, in the choice of precision CNC processing factory, must have a certain understanding of the precision CNC processing operation process.
2, whether the processing plant has the implementation of conventional processing standards
For processing standards, as long as the company is engaged in precision machining, should pay attention to this. Processing standards is the accuracy of the product made to ensure that only in line with the standard to create a qualified product.
3、The quality of the workpiece delivered by the processing plant
The quality of workpiece delivery is the most intuitive way to reflect the strength of the precision CNC machining factory. To measure the quality of workpiece delivery, you can understand the companies that have cooperated with the precision CNC machining factory before. Ask them whether the surface quality and size of the workpiece they received are the same as the drawing.
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