The three major considerations of mirror spark machine processing


Mirror EDM machining is mainly used in complex mold cavities, especially not easy to polishing operations of the complex surface of the fine processing, you can eliminate the manual polishing process Longridge direct sales business how to improve the performance of the use of parts, to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, has a very important practical significance. However, when doing the mirror spark machine processing, there are some matters that need to be noted, take a look at the following article describes the mirror spark machine processing of the three major considerations.
Mirror spark machine processing of the three major considerations
A. Electrode design
1. Electrode design can be done all the way to try to do all the way to save the cost of discharge.
2. Electrode discharge area can not be too large, too large will cause the speed of landing and appearance of the glossy landing
3. The overall discharge area sum is good under ¢25. The maximum is 8 KEY type
Second, mirror electrode processing
1. It is best to make three copper males, coarse males, young males and polished males for playing mirror surface molds. The polishing male is required to be made of Sambo copper.
2. The rough male spark bit 0.2~0.3 the bigger the copper male Zhuhai assembly line, the bigger the spark bit. Young male spark bit 0.08 ~ 0.12 with 1A current hit
3... Polished male spark bit 0.05 ~ 0.10, as usual button spark bit 0.07mm
Third, the other meticulous matters
1. Small button lamp with a spark level of 0.05-0.08 can keep the angles clear, the case and larger button spark level to take the value of 0.1-0.13 is conducive to progress in processing speed.
2. Please be careful to save the copper male, rough male and young male sharp angles of the angular position appropriate to save a little R angle to prevent polishing male can not play and the formation of deepening caused by false time consumption
3. In the copper male roughing and finishing should try to control the size and appearance of roughness as usual with 1A current to M, a single side to leave a margin of 0.05mm to polish can.
4. Each copper male discharge time can not exceed 8H, otherwise it will cause the appearance of copper work wrinkles network marketing training, if you want to M more than one bit, you need to do more than one polishing bit, or M finish some positions after the lowering of the surface after reprocessing.
5. Copper male must save good, save to 1500# sandpaper
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