Do you know about jig processing?


Do you know anything about fixture processing? Fixture processing is necessary to know the basic theoretical knowledge in order to better practice, and HXTech will tell you more about this.
Do you know about fixture processing?
Simply put, precision jig can improve production efficiency, precision jig processing can ensure product quality and interchangeability maintenance and reduce processing (assembly) costs. fixture processing can quickly and correctly position the processing object and support or fix the workpiece.
Generally, fixture processing includes jigs based on the characteristics of processing machines such as turning, clamping, milling, planing, grinding and drilling. Jig use purpose and effect
1、The main purpose of jig is to position the workpiece quickly and accurately as well as suitable support and maintenance, so that all workpieces produced on the same jig are fixed within a specific range to ensure the precision and interchangeability of products.
2、The use of fixtures can reduce the working time and carry out high efficiency work in various processing and assembly work.
3、Complex work can be singularized to improve economic efficiency, and the work that can only be done by skilled workers can be done by unskilled workers.
Fixture and divided into tooling fixture, testing fixture two, the former for machining, welding processing, assembly and other processes to facilitate processing, to meet the needs of precision and design of a fixture; the latter for testing use, because some mechanical size is not easy to measure, because of its complex shape, we had to design a special test block or testing for a product and design fixture, let's say we have plug gauge, ring gauge, etc. Some rules of the gage, but some are irregular must be designed specifically a gage, may use wire-cutting processing, EDM, CNC machining center and some other machining means to ensure the accuracy of the gage.