The basic knowledge of hardware mold parts processing


We believe that in the machining industry friends, the knowledge of hardware mold parts processing have a certain understanding, the following is a list of the basic knowledge of hardware mold parts processing, hope to bring you help.
Hardware mold parts processing basic knowledge
1, no matter what kind of industry you are engaged in, the foundation must be laid. Just like building a house, the foundation is well laid, the building can be built high, built beautiful! Lathe external processing is the same, we must be familiar with the basis of lathe external processing, familiar with and analysis of the main basis for the development of process procedures to determine the production program and production type of parts.
2, everything from the drawings, the general drawings will be clear instructions, what this part to do, how the processing needs to be, what about the required accuracy, we have to analyze the parts work diagram and product assembly diagram, part structure processability analysis, in order to do a good job of Dongguan hardware processing work.
3, look at the drawing, we have to material, material is also a very important step, see the drawing requirements, the material to be accurate, processing allowance to grasp, how to determine the blank, including the choice of blank type and its manufacturing method, which is also an important step in good parts processing.
4, the material back, first rough machining, and then determine the datum, datum first, determine the datum before good finishing, which is also the same as building a house, first hit the foundation, then build a house, the foundation is good, in order to better repair the house.
5, to determine the cutting amount and time quota of each process, and technical and economic analysis, choose the better technology program.
In the hardware mold parts processing, pay attention to the details, master the operation method, this way will not cause trouble to the work.