The role of precision parts processing


Precision spare parts need to be processed for accessories because they do not meet the needs of the work. So, do you know the role of precision spare parts processing? In order to help you deepen your understanding, the following article will introduce this.
The role of precision spare parts processing
1, first of all, precision parts processing is more efficient, parts processing can be processed at the same time multiple surfaces, compared to ordinary lathe processing can save a lot of processes, saving time, and the quality of the processed parts is also relatively stable compared to ordinary lathe a lot.
2, precision parts machining has an irreplaceable role in the development of new products, generally speaking, through the programming of parts of different degrees of complexity can be processed ah, and change and update the design only need to change the program of the lathe, which can greatly shorten the product development cycle.
3, the degree of automation of precision parts processing is very enough, greatly reducing the physical labor intensity of workers, workers in the processing process does not need to be like ordinary lathe that the whole control, mainly on the lathe for observation and supervision. But the corresponding technical content of CNC machining is higher than that of ordinary lathe, so it requires higher mental labor compared with ordinary lathe.
4. The initial investment is relatively large compared with ordinary lathe, because the price of CNC lathe is very high, and its maintenance cost and processing first preparation period is long.
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