The role of tooling fixture processing embodied


Parts processing is divided into a variety of, fixture processing as one of them, there are still some people do not know it very well, so, more do not know the role of fixture processing embodiment, the following article to give you an analysis.
The role of workholding jig processing is reflected
Tooling fixture is designed to ensure the machining process in the machining operations, many processes can not achieve the process requirements based on the level of existing machinery and equipment, so it is necessary to use some auxiliary equipment or tools to achieve the clamping and positioning of tools, that is, tooling fixtures. For example, welding clamping, machine tool clamping, etc.
Workholding jigs are mainly used to meet the process requirements of machining operations, clamping and positioning of workpieces in machining operations, to ensure that the workpiece can achieve precise positioning, simple and smooth processing operations, to achieve accurate processing, rapid processing process requirements. For example, in welding clamping operations, the use of electric permanent magnet welding fixture to clothing workpiece positioning, so that the welded parts to achieve seamless welding, to ensure welding accuracy; CNC machine tools processing plate, the use of electric permanent magnetic suction cups to achieve stable clamping of the plate, to ensure processing accuracy, these are the role of fixtures embodied.
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