What materials are used for precision electrical discharge machining?


Due to the different working conditions of the use of various types of parts, so the requirements for processing parts materials also differ. Take the workpiece to do precision electrical discharge machining, what material is used for precision electrical discharge machining? Here to see the introduction of the article.
What materials are used for precision electrical discharge machining
I. All materials that are conductive can be used for electrical discharge machining
II. The highest precision of discharge machining can reach +/-0.005mm surface roughness up to mirror pole
III. The traditional processing can not be processed by the station, generally available for electrical discharge processing to complete
IV. EDM can be used for cavities of various large molds or small holes and slots of 0.1MM width.
Precision electrical discharge machining is now widely used in the industry of machining and mold making. Precision EDM can be used to process super hard materials and complex shaped workpieces that are difficult to process by traditional cutting methods. It is usually used to process electrically conductive materials, and can process complex cavities or contours on difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloy, tool steel, carbon steel and cemented carbide.