Why should we choose mold inserts?


With the progress of industry, to our life on the products used to add a lot of color, take the mold inserts, we do not see it is a small part, in fact, it is very useful, but may be some friends do not understand why we should choose mold inserts, the following to introduce this knowledge.
Why choose mold inserts
(1) convenient to modify the mold. Mold often modified, you can modify the mold place in advance with inserts, the future change of the mold as long as the replacement of inserts, or even in the opening of the mold to make a few more inserts spare parts for replacement. This is convenient to modify the mold.
(2) conducive to the exhaust of the mold. Mold exhaust is very important, you can add inserts in the place where the mold needs to exhaust, using the gap with the inserts exhaust.
(3) facilitate the processing of the mold. We know that some deep valleys in the injection mold, hole processing, polishing and plastic filling and out of the mold is very difficult, but in these places to open inserts, you can reduce its processing difficulties.
(4) Increase the service life of the mold. In general, the mold need to design inserts, often is easy to damage the place, once the inserts are damaged can be replaced, thus extending the service life of the mold.
In the modern production of more and more development of the situation, the demand for more mold, especially the car in China's domestic production gradually increased, and mold inserts along with the need for a very large production volume, the corresponding production scale will need to be more expanded to meet the needs of a more developed market.