The processing process of stamping die parts


Every part has its processing process, and the stamping die parts are no exception. Next, let's take a look at the following introduction.
Stamping mold parts processing process
1. in the development of mold parts before the process procedures, should be a detailed analysis of mold parts, technical conditions, structural characteristics and the role of the part in the mold, etc..
2. choose the mold parts blank manufacturing method.
3. The initial formulation of the process level route, pay attention to the choice of roughing, finishing benchmark, determine the heat treatment process, divide the processing stage. In the process of developing the process, should be the correct choice of processing equipment, tools, fixtures and gauges.
4. According to the process route to determine the process size and public relations of each processing stage, determine the size of semi-finished products.
5. According to the material and performance of the blank, calculate or check the table to determine the cutting amount.
At present, the products obtained by stamping process occupy a very important position in modern automobiles, tractors, electrical appliances, instruments and radio electronic products and people's daily life. From fine electronic components and instrument pointers to automobile coverings and beams, high-pressure vessel heads and the skins and fuselages of aerospace vehicles, etc., all require stamping processing. Because of these characteristics of the stamping process, it has an extremely wide range of applications.