What is the role of tungsten steel punch processing?


Currently, the market offers tungsten steel discharge machining, so do you know what is the role of tungsten steel punch processing?
What is the role of tungsten steel punch processing?
1, simplify the maintenance of the machine, save labor, excellent mechanical cutting processing performance, improve labor productivity.
2, low mc coefficient, providing its wide application in friction parts possible.
3, high chemical stability, resistance to alkali, alcohols, ethers, hydrocarbons, weak acids, lubricants, detergents, water (seawater), and has no odor, non-toxic, tasteless, rust-free characteristics, for its wide application in the resistance to alkali corrosion, environmental health, food, textile printing and dyeing and other aspects of the use of mechanical components provides excellent conditions.
4, good resilience, able to bend without deformation, while maintaining toughness, resistance to repeated impact.
5, tungsten steel punch pin production and processing of high strength, able to withstand the load for a long time.
6, tungsten steel punch round bar processing compared with metal, MC nylon hardness is low, not damage to the wear parts.
7, noise absorption, shock absorption, MC nylon modulus is much smaller than metal, the attenuation of vibration is large, providing a practical way to prevent noise better than metal.
8, wear-resistant self-lubricating, provides better than bronze cast iron carbon steel and phenolic laminate in the oil-free (or de-oiled) lubrication application performance, reduce consumption, energy savings.
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