What is the process of precision punching?


Precision punch processing is very complicated for first-time friends, do not know what stage to do. HXTech precision company has organized the precision punch processing process, interested friends to see it, will definitely gain.
What is the process of precision punching?
Punch also known as punch convex die English name called punch-pin, is installed in the stamping die for continuous punching stamping punching operations, so that the processed material separation or plastic deformation, so as to obtain the required finished products or semi-finished products.
1、Drawing and cutting
The raw material, which is qualified by laboratory, is drawn into the required diameter size by the drawing machine, and then cut into a fixed-length rod-shaped punch-pin blanks.
2、Heat treatment
In the heat treatment before the embryo will be straight proofing platform with a micrometer for more straight, and then put it into the high-frequency electric furnace or salt bath furnace heated to 800 ~ 1300 degrees Celsius, stay 2 ~ 5 minutes, oil quenching hardening, fine quenching heat treatment after the tip hardness up to Hv590-800. and then low-temperature tempering treatment.
3、Grinding process
The punch pin is clamped on the spring chuck of the machine tool, and according to the requirements of various tip base angle size of the punch pin, the grinding and shaping process is carried out respectively.
Polishing that is the surface of the oil stains, rust, etc. to clean up the surface treatment.
5、Inspection, storage
According to the required index index for inspection, qualified can be boxed into storage.
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